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Tracks processed

We are currently processing soundtracks from the most relevant Stock Music and Royalty Free Music libraries to give you a smarter way to source audio for your video projects.

How it Works

  • Search For a Soundtrack
    Enter keywords, sentences (text search) or upload an audio file, URL containing audio track (audio search).
  • Get Curated Recommendations
    The text search captures “intent” and the audio search captures “sonic similarities”. Both engines are AI-driven and deliver relevant tracks from stock music libraries across the Internet.
  • Add & Purchase Your Tracks
    Select the tracks you like, pick one of the 3 licences that is suitable for your project, and buy the music for your next video worry-free.
  • Get Back To The Fun Part
    With the time you saved using RawQis, enjoy spending energy creating more captivating video for your subscribers, clients or yourself.

What We have Heard!


Search Intent

Understanding the intent behind your search texts, keywords, and sentences is more relevant than an endless list of filters. Moods, BPM, artists, genres, titles are OK ways of looking through millions of tracks, but rarely give the right soundtrack for your video.

Sonic Similarity Search

You know of a song that has the right ingredients but for some reason you cannot use it. Finding tracks that have the same tone, momentum, harmony, instruments, and power will get you closer to the right soundtrack, faster.

Live Preview

Being able to quickly match the audio and video helps your workflow. With a simple and easy to use preview tool, you can test the combination before purchasing the soundtrack.


The biggest hurdles, by far, are the licensing, copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with royalty-free music, or music licensing in general. With this IP-Vault you have all your licences in one place and can report usage of tracks directly to the rights holders. It reduces infringement claims and the time spent on resolving them.

Get in touch with us

We are a team of music lovers and entertainment experts. With a mix of legal, technical and business development skills, we help content creators enhance their production. The perfect sound does not exist, but with the perfect tools, we are getting you closer to the right soundtrack for your video.

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